This curved manual treadmill promises natural motion, giving you the perfect workout regime

Most of the treadmills that keep you fit (only if you use them for a prolonged period) are too tech-savvy, and one wishes at times they were a tad simpler. All that while having an aesthetic form that’s good to go with your modern interiors. The Sprintbok by NOHrD breaks the conventional norms normally associated with treadmills – giving fitness freaks one more reason to burn those calories out of the system and stay fit for life!

This curved manual treadmill crafted from solid hardwood doesn’t have any fancy settings or electronics to make you go out for an indoor run. Rather it uses flexible wooden slats and ball bearing engineering for a natural running motion that’s actually powered by the user’s legs. It feels like you are running in a forest and the low noise makes it ideal for an apartment setting. You can run as fast as you can or as slow as desired on the Sprintbok – it’s that simple. The treadmill’s curved shape lets you experience ascending difficulty with bigger sprint steps. To keep track of your progress there’s a bit of basic tech-infused – a 17.3-inch tablet and a compatible Sprintbok app. This way you can choose from a platter of pre-designed running workouts with scenery runs.

Since the treadmill is made from high-quality natural materials that are recyclable, the treadmill is light on the environment too. Sprintbok is more or less a maintenance-free fitness machine which is a great advantage, as modern treadmills can cost a lot in maintenance if not used properly or some component malfunctions. The treadmill belt is made up of 62 movable wooden slats having a linoleum finish – making the machine absorb most of the shocks and vibration produced during running. Truly this treadmill deserves to sit any interior, it’s designed to catch eyeballs for sure!

Designer: NOHrD