Light Tree

The title of this post is pretty boring but it describes exactly what this concept is; a Light Tree. The artificial tree is covered in solar cells that power ultra-bright LEDs at the base. The light diffuses thru water which fills the entire cavity of the tree for that “glowy” look. The upper extremities hold seeds to REAL PLANTS, like OMG! I was getting worried about the total artificiality of this concept but at least you’ve got some green shrubbery in there.

Designer: Omar Ivan Huerta Cardoso

Light Tree – Street Lights by Omar Ivan Huerta Cardoso





  • Hartigan says:

    The solar cells at the bottom of the tree will get covered with dirt easily.

    Place the solar cells at the top of the tree and it will be a win!!!

    I could have one on my garden would be great!!


    • reality says:

      solar, sun from the day turned into electricity stored where? what is the point of this? to replace street lighting or to act as light pollution. who maintains the plants when they grow, a service team who has to cone off the road to gain access to each tree. very expensive. 2m high so this is easily climbed not good. most authorities have a 2.4m minimum height before banners to deter climbing. it is not one piece so lots of castings that marry up with glass or acrylic. going to be hard to marry the tolerances, and the weight will cause stress fractures on the glass, esp with wind loading. this is a truely pointless and horrendous idea. what is wrong with a normal tree? 100% natural organic more beautiful.

  • D says:

    Lol. I cannot believe that you actually placeds the solar panels on the ground … that is exactly the worst area of solar exposure …

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