Can I Bum a Seat?

That’s right all you lovers of lists, it’s that time again, time for a top 10 list! This time it’s a top 10 chair concepts Yanko Design, and oh my goodness you’re in for a treat, because this list goes up to 15. Fifteen seats for your rump to shake down and get comfortable on, fifteen of the most loveliest containers for your hind end to let pancake. Hooray for chairs!

Seat, seat, everywhere a seat. The list below is based not only on views, as that would only rate popularity, and you know good n’ well popularity isn’t the only gauge of success. Also factored in are positive feedback from the Yanko Design peanut gallery, quality of real product, and of course, the most important thing, what we just plain liked best – we know what’s going on here. More than likely.

So get your bum bummin down there.

Designers: Various Yanko Design Designer Superstars

1. Shair by Jie-Jyun Lyu. Now let’s be clear from the outset – the images I’m using on this list aren’t always going to be of the chair itself, but like in this case, if there’s an image that describes how the chair works, that’s gonna be up there! This chair is called the “Shair” because it can be anywhere from 1 to 9 chairs at once. It’s a lovely way to save space if you’ve got a classroom situation or a small aparment, and it looks like a caterpillar!

2. Puppo Chairs by Mladen Milosevic & Vuk Dragovic. It’s a seat with a back, and with a simple push, rotate, and push, it becomes a minitable, box, footrest, whatever you wish. It’s transparent and bluegreen, very pretty, and it’s got some very nicely placed handles for the betterment of it’s carrying.

3. Setu by Herman Miller. Whoa! Back yaself up, this isn’t just a pretty chair for sitting in whist typing your bloggings, no! It’s nice enough for Supereditor Long Tran to do a review! Yes, our own Long Tran had his bum in one of these bad boys, and you can bet he let the people who manufactured it know who is boss! The chair. Know why? Because it makes the bum feel good.

4. The One Cut Concept for Seating by Scott Jarvie. This is a seat whose major contribution to the world is not just that it is, in a very green way, cut from a single piece of wood, nay! Also it has excellent lumbar support. This is for all those people who invite you over to their house just to check the chairs once you’re gone for the change that’s fallen out of your pockets. No more of that! And Ohhh! It’s pretty.

5. Gaudi Stool by Bram Geenen. And wow, if this one isn’t coming out of left field for you on this list, you’re probably reading the list upside-down. This design gets its name from the architectural influence of gothic designer Antoní Gaudi. Who the heck is that! Dig deeper, maison. The entire project is made employing rapid-prototyping technology. Sassy!

6. Fotel Rocking Chair Transformer by Peter Vardai. My that looks like a peaceful, stable sort of chair doesn’t it? Bet you didn’t know that the whole thing can be transformed with a flick of the arms to become a futuristic rocking chair, did ya? Did ya!? Made from carbon (this is the majority shell of the chair), and comfortable elastic bands for the seat. Now where shall we put it? Where would it look at home?

7. Furniture as Trophy by Helmut Palla. And now for the painful portion of our show, Helmut Palla has your winky in a precarious position with horns in all the right places. Three seats and what could be construed as a seat if you’ve got an especially large wild rumpus. These chairs are not for the faint of heart, and not for the slack in posture. Basically don’t be too confident about what you’re not going to run into here.

8. Growing Chair by Michel Bussien. Well I see at least ONE chair in our bunch has some roots, definitely some roots indeed. Yes, this chair has a tree growing through it. It’s such a tree, in fact, that it has it’s own manifesto that includes “It’s time for man and nature to reunite.” Wow that is exactly what I was thinking! Avatar! Get your braids out! Sit and feel the nature grow behind you. Such a greenery was never before seen.

9. Workflow Office Furniture by o4i. And just as quick as we got out of the building we’re right back inside, right inside the office, in fact! This is what they call the inverted cubicle, the place where you can be functional, casual, and social, all nice like. Brown, gray, green, or red! That’s what’s up.

10. Inflatable Furniture by Blofield Inflatable Chesterfields. Oh my goodness get your beach on. You didn’t think you’d be left indoors for long, yes? It’s nice out! Get down to the beach and blow up your inflatable… couch!? Yes indeed, it’s the inflatable chesterfield. Make yourself feel right at Homer home in one of these babies. White, green, black, and floating. So you’ll be mister or misses fancy pants for sure!

11. Fluid Rocker by Nick Trincia. Let me let you know right away that this is a link to not one, but SEVERAL amazing seat designs, as the Fluid Rocker was the winner of the RELAX Design Competition. And look at how sleek it is. It rocks brightly, it rocks softly. One piece of fiberglass makes up the bulk of the chair, it’s inner (outer?) side covered with a bit of soft natural felt. It’s quiet, and it doesn’t wreck up your floors.

And it’s BRIGHT, I say again.

12. Chairs for the Dysfunctional by Alice Wang. The chair you see right above is called the “Silent Farter.” It is from a collection of 5 chairs (all shown in the post linked here) which are made for the oddballs amongst us. I choose the Silent Farter because it is very clearly the star. Using sophisticated techniques in amplification, it takes any fart you let loose and turns up the juice to 12. That’s why this is number 12.

13. Issit by Addi Design Group. Ohh, fancy strange mysterious ladies with balloons! Oh and what’s that they’re sitting on? Is it some sculptural public seating? You betcha! As you can see, the balloon lady is modeling the lowered portion of the 3-seat stand, while the short haired lady shows you what the other two look like in resting position. Rather like a couple of wings, wouldn’t you say? Designed for public, indoor spaces.

14. Round Sofa by Zhdanova Irina. Now that is one round seat, if I do say so myself. I’ve seen me some round bookshelves before, but never have I gotten my eyes fixated on a round seat that held books. Not only this! But the entire inside comes apart to reveal several seats, the bookshelf intact. That’s what I like to see! As many transformers as possible. Irina! If you ever get “arounnnd” to manufacturing and distributing these, sign me up!

15. Grid Chair by Jaebeom Jeong. One of my favorite concepts on Yanko Design since I first laid eyes upon it. What you see here is a chair that pays homage to the rendering programs many, most, basically all furniture and industrial design designers use in their projects to see how things will look. But lo! Look upon it again. That is not just a rendering, that wireframe is real. The black pieces you see on the floor are not eht chair, the frame is. It is, as LT put it so eloquently, “Engineered to the Nth Degree.”

You have the butt planted yet? Stay tuned to Yanko Design for more rump-shaking designs, sitting down


standing up.