To Grow Herb in da House

Far when you got to get up and make the herb that’s mad decent. Or just plain nicely grown, from your home. The designer of this project, Albert Kwon, notes that this project is made in reaction to the multi-national corporations who have centralized food production to make it have perfect profits. Well to that say nay! Get up and get down with your own food! We’ve got the tools, we can build them!

All you’ve got to do to make your own indoor growing festival is thus:

A short bit of assembly time,

regular tending to of the water supply,

pruning of the plant(s) for shape, size, health, and extended growing season,

re-potting of the plants when they outgrow their pots,

and a monitoring for pests and diseases.

Pots in three sizes, all around 5 inches in diameter, cones and pots arranged on a cedar-wood table that’s 22 inches square and can hold up to 9 3inch pots. The counter must be 34 inches from the ground, and the water reservoir should be noted to hold 4 L which is enough to feed 9 young plants for 2 weeks.

Very neat! Growing little fellas isn’t just for kiddies!

Designer: Albert Kwon



Indoor Herb Garden by Albert Kwon