Minimalist aesthetic lamp uses repurposed waste for circular production

According to most existing research, around 60% of discarded materials from homes and businesses in the U.S end up in landfills or are incinerated. Of course there are those who have started segregating their trash and have actually recycled them or sent materials to recycling centers. Of course that’s still a very small percentage compared to those who are just not conscious about their consumption and waste cycle. Fortunately for the earth, there are companies whose main purpose is to come up with products that can address these “waste and pollution challenges” by using circular production.

Designer: Enkei

One such company is a Swedish company called Enkei which refers to itself as a “circular startup” as they aim to change the way we create products from the materials used to how they are actually manufactured. Their very first product is the Reminder (001) Lamp which is both functional and aesthetic but more importantly is majorly made from repurposed waste. The movable textile shade is made from various repurposed materials including high-end fashion deadstock, scrap-based wire, recycled bio-plastics, and 3D-printed fossil-free steel.

The lamp design itself is made up of two contrasting shapes that fit into each other like puzzle pieces. The lamp shade itself can be adjusted as well. It gives off a minimalist vibe that can fit right into your space with its space gray, white and luminous colors. It can look like a simple art piece if not used as a lamp but it also gives off a smart speaker vibe reminding us of Google Home speakers. But of course the selling point of this product is how it is produced with all the circular materials while still maintaining quality and design since of course you’d want a lamp to function as a lamp.

Enkei has also developed its own alternative to the usual concrete materials used in construction. ReCeramix uses ceramic waste from construction sites instead of the sand that is used to create concrete. The Reminder (001) Lamp will be unveiled at the Stockholm Design Week this week although you can already sign up to be waitlisted to buy the lamp.