Paul Bunyan Approved!

Or at least, I’d like to think ol’ Paul would approve. I was just up at his home town in Bemidji this weekend! He was a tall lumberjack man with a taste for good wood. Ya know why he’d approve of this concept called “Timber?” Because it’s made of ten easy-to-assemble pieces that break down for easy transport. You know what that means? Easy bulk! And what’d Paul approve of most? The name, of course: “TIMBER!”

Designer Julian Kyhl obviously holds a kindship with the earth-friendly lumberjack because this table is one that makes a dude appreciate the fine excellence of a hunk of wood. FSC certified!

4 identical legs, 2 identical crossbars, 2 identical mid-section planks, and 2 identical outer planks. That’s what’s here! And all of these pieces come naturalistic – no glue, no lamination, no screws, no nails.

A word from Kyhl himself:

This will be a living piece of furniture. As humidity and temperature changes the planks will try to twist slightly, but the crossbars and legs will bind them to a planar surface. The prototype shown in the pictures is not made with the aid of any advanced machinery, but with a lot of templates and a power router. New models are being manufactured now, using five-axis CNC machinery.

Designer: Julian Kyhl

Timber table that breaks down to 10 pieces by Julian Kyhl