For When You’re Up There

Do not fall down! This is for staying up! I’m always for more extension ladder accessories, especially if they mean I can bring as much paint up there as I can at once. The design your about to look at not only innovates on the bucket, it innovates on the rug. Lots more space on the bottom, lots more space on the top. Light, sturdy, and above all, the magic word: functional.

Don’t waste another wink on that $10 wooden ladder you purchased at a flea market six years ago. Donate it to the needy children searching for a way to play superhero. And get your hands on this.

A retractable foot platform increasing the space for your feet by 10. Four sides of guardrail while your up top. Thirty-tow times more ladder to wall surface traction than the average ladder when working on flat surfaces. Toolbox. Amazing toolbox. A variety of work height options.

And it’s such a nice shade of blue.

Make sure it speaks Bocce.

You can vote for this project @ The James Dyson Awards here.

Designer: Martin Gibson

Extension Ladder Workstation by Martin Gibson