No More Sitting on Books

Yeh! For now the books will have boards between them and the butt! The person shall be able to sit down without fear of bad bindings! Without fear of dusty pages ruining their new suit! I say to thee! This is a chair that’s also a bookcase. It is called Chair Bookcase Bookcase Chair, and it means business! It means so much business that it comes in more than one wood: Walnut, Birch, and CDX Ply.

Get your seat and sit in it forever. No need to get up! Finish one book and start the other. It can hold more than 400 paperbacks for cripes sakes. And the seat allows for several different adjustments for comfort. Your comfort – you, the real-life book reader. It’s all for your preservation of the art.

Designer: Gail Peter Borden [Chair Bookcase Bookcase Chair ($750) available @ YD Store]

Chair Bookcase Bookcase Chair by Gail Peter Borden


Chair Bookcase Bookcase Chair available @ YD Store