Un Capsize Able

The indestructible car! Inconceivable! As one might think, there’s no real such thing as a completely safe way of auto-mobiling around the Earth. That goes double, triple, 10x as much for people who use rally racing as an excuse to drive insanely fast around a treacherous death trap of a track. But there’s such a thrill! That’s why designers are here to design safety measures for the crazy at heart. What’ve we got here? Impact resistance, a self-righting system, and pit climbing features.

This design is indeed called “Structural Skin.” Designed by Chu Hyung Kwon to make the death-defying even moreso that, this design brings the structure to the skin.

Basically what’s going on here is that now the core of the car will still be the strongest, while the outer extremities (the structural surface) will be made of materials with relative flexibility. Shock resistance. With modern advances such as the following, even the most severe of impacts will be dissipated: AeroGel, Carbon/Kevlar composite, and liquid metal.

This, along with the formentioned simple self-righting system and the ability to climb right up the side of a pit make this Structural Skin car quite the formidable foe.

Designer: Chu Hyung Kwon

Structural Skin supercar designed for safety and its ability to get out of holes by Chu Hyung Kwon