How Skeletal can an H Bike Be?

Made to be above all minimal. Should I be funny and just leave that one sentence as a description? Nay! Naw! Heck naw! Let’s talk all about this bike right here, buddy! The lines on it are simple yet dynamic. The shape is extreme, as if we were living on an alternate timeline where this bike had grown from a bizarro world history. And what is it made of? Carbon! And what’s its name? Hybrid City!

Yes, this is a carbon-based life-form. This makeup allows for maximum weight reduction in the end product.

So let me tell you. The one thing I got a big problem with. HUGE PROBLEM. Is that it’s not covered with butterflies. Ever since I saw that design so many months ago, I just cannot get it out of my head. BUT! I’ll tell ye what. The matte black on this bike does quite the trick. If anything is going to blank my platter, it’s going to be matte. Very wild! And why is it called hybrid? Because it’s half electric? No way. It’s because it’s got high fashion and extreme styling at the same time as being ready to be considered a premium city bike for commuting and extensive rider base. That’s it!

Designer: Peter Dudas

Hybrid City Bike by Peter Dudas