Monster On Rescue Mission

Monash student Damien believes that by 2025 our urban infrastructure is going to be under considerable strains, which is why our streets are going to be jam-packed with traffic most of the time. Providing speedy Emergency Medical Services (EMS) to victims will require funky reconnaissance and first aid vehicles like the Re:Veive. Agile and nimble, its soft silicon body houses a quadrapedial hydraulics system that allows it to navigate through traffic by literally standing up and walking thru.

Thanks to the hydraulics system, it can even traverse dividers and operate under flood conditions. The in-house communication set up allows it to coordinate with ambulances and other essential services. The modular interior design allows medical supplies to be quickly, sterilized, refitted and easily tailored to any EMS task.

The car looks super awesome, but my question is…are we still going to have killing traffic in the future? Have we not learnt anything from our infrastructure mistakes now?

Designer: Damien Armelin


Re:Veive Emergency Reconnaissance & First Aid Vehicle by Damien Armelin












  • Victor Assis says:

    Beautiful exercise…
    A few concerns:

    Those sharp tips in the swing gate, not only are unfeasible, they are also a hazard. I’ll would lose my scalp easily if I had to work with this car.

    It’s a bit small I guess… I don’t think there’s enough room for the paramedics to tend to the patient during transport, and remember, the first hour after an accident is critical.

  • mif991 says:

    Looks like it will tip over, then hit something with those wheels and its unusable…You are trying too hard to make an emergency vehicle look cool, when all you need is simple, clean and practical. Nice renderings and presentation.

  • Spacereal says:

    Cool!!!I’ve been serching this alon time.

  • jj says:


  • kps9727 says:

    Maybe I’m missing something. The selling point of this design is that it’s narrow and can fit in between cars that are jam-packed in traffic? If so, what’s the point of the telescoping feature of the legs?

    Also, consider the risk associated with the “soft silicon body”. The occupants of this vehicles (EMS and patient alike) sound like they’re sitting ducks if, for instance, they get hit by another car while they’re going through an intersection. As you may know, there are many accidents every year where drivers do not yield right of way to ambulances and plow into them. The only thing that saves the occupants of the ambulance is that it’s big, heavy, and sturdy.

  • shawn says:

    On the overall, it aint any smaller than a normal vehicle.

    Another point would be what about the CG of the vehicle?and how much is the ehicle going to tilt? I hope the calculation is there as it is sure not very reassuring to know that im flying everywhere while im unconscious in an ambulance

  • もだふし says:

    There’s a bundle to know about this. You made nice points also.

  • oscar says:

    Hi, is this ambulance available ? or it’s only a prototype

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