Steal This Chair Post

I read a book one time. It was called “Steal This Book.” It was a book by the guy named Abbie Hoffman, and the book was all about surviving as a Yippie in the late 60’s and 70’s. Yippies, as he wrote about them, lived off basically all recycled materials. Especially furniture. Lots of drugs too, but that’s beside the point. Check this post out, it’s all about making good use of materials on furniture in particular.

So let me tell you about this newest bit first, sent on in by our main man Nicolai Czumaj-Bront, who is into re-claimed wood. That is excellent. I have a near-brother-in-law who made a path around his house out of all reclaimed cement and rock found in the river by his house. Cheap! This piece C-Bront made is called the Pitch stool and it’s a celebration of precision and imperfection – way appropriate with reclaimed wood. As you can see in the picture below, the construction of each stool is different, while the final shape remains the same.

Very classy!

Designer: Various (Collection Post)


1. Pitch Stool by Nicolai Czumaj-Bront. Reclaimed wood constructed in different ways, final product the same shape. Find these logs down by the ol’ river if ye dare!


2. Stump Furniture by Ubico Design Studio. This is real, real similar to the Pitch Stool, only this is made out of other old stools too, plus there’s a bonus on who makes them! Check it out.


3. Jamoree Dog Hammock by Ilya Fridman. A doggie bed made for your best pal in the whole world, made out of your favorite shoes of all time : flip flops.


4. RE:cover Chair by Fredrik Färg. This designer man takes the flea market and rummage sale approach and re-designs and fixes up a series of chairs using only materials he finds second, third, and fourth-hand.


5. Perfect Perch by James Chu. This chair’s made entirely of recycled cardboard. Not only do you get to look at it and maybe even sit on it if you find a place to buy it, you get an amazing real-world review of it from our resident design magician Long Tran!

All this said, if you’ve got any recycled furniture you’ve made or know about that’s not on this list or in our archives, please feel free to comment with a link below! Everyone wants to see!