Titan has a lightweight, ergonomic, and sustainable stand for every device

Just when you thought you could never have the best of all worlds, along comes the Titan 3-in-1 SnapStand Kit to prove you wrong.

Device stands come in all shapes and sizes, catering to different types of devices, different styles, and different use cases. Some try to lift laptop screens to a more ergonomic height, while others are geared to make vlogging with phones more viable. While these sometimes do succeed in delivering their intended function, they often sacrifice other aspects like convenience, stability, or even environment-friendliness. It seems almost impossible for one stand to be able to check off all the right boxes while catering to all kinds of devices, but that’s exactly the kind of miracle that the Titan SnapStand system is putting on the table, figuratively and literally.

Designer: Ergomi Design

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Laptop, tablet, and phone stands are sometimes lightweight but flimsy, stable but rigid, slim but unsustainable. Many are good for holding one type of device in a specific position or orientation, but their convenience disappears once you try to use them for anything else. Titan, in contrast, seems to have it all. It’s lightweight, stable, multi-functional, long-lasting, and even sustainable. And while there isn’t one size to fit them all, you can mix and match to your heart’s content, using the Max laptop stand to hold a tablet and a phone at the same time, for example.

The Titan’s stability comes not only from its use of 430 stainless steel on the front and space-grade aluminum on its back, two materials that also provide the stand’s long life. All stands in this kit utilize a patented triangle structure that offers the most stable shape that doesn’t require heaping on unnecessary parts for support. Unlike other stands, the Titan uses a premium mechanical hinge that delivers that stability, regardless of its angle. The stand is so stable that you can set an iPad on it and draw on the tablet without the stand budging even an inch.

Tri-angle Structure – The shape offers the best holding stability. You can turn the iPad and keep drawing a circle, the stand would not move.

Unlimited Angeles – Equipped with a premium mechanical hinge, it has a silky smooth motion with a special damping setting.

From 360º Ways – Alternate between landscape/portrait mode smoothly and easily, like an invisible monitor arm.

Universal MagHolder – If your device doesn’t support magnetic attachment and you find it unnecessary to tag on anything to make it work like that, the MagHolder finishes the job cleanly and neatly without sticking anything on your work tool.

More than just keeping your device propped up, the Titan SnapStands allow you to elevate your phone or your tablet to a more comfortable height, even when the stand is already at its highest angle possible. You can also easily set your mobile device in landscape or portrait orientation using the same stand with a simple swivel. All of these are thanks to the power of magnets that securely attaches your device to the surface of the Titan. For those who aren’t inclined to stick the MagSticker on the back of their phone or tablet, there’s also MagHolder that uses a similar strong magnet to lift your device at your preferred height.

All that talk about stability, durability, hinges, and magnets, you might worry that the Titan SnapStands are hard, cold, and uncomfortable sheets of metal that would cut into your skin or whatever you might have in your bag. On the contrary, the designers have applied a generous amount of vegan leather and PU material to cover the stands, making them feel great in your hands while also offering slip resistance. Plus, it gives the accessories a more sustainable message compared to ones that use flimsy and non-recyclable plastics.

Ergonomic, lightweight, stable, multi-angular, multi-functional, durable, and sustainable, the Titan 3-in-1 SnapStand Kit has it all. Even better, it’s also accessible, starting at $35 for the Titan Mini Stand for phones. There are also different combinations you can pick to save even more. Plus, there’s also a new basic Titan Lite that’s just as lite on the wallet at $25. With the Titan SnapStand, you can go big on ergonomics and comfort, but never in size and price.

Click Here to Buy Now: $140 for the fullset $267 (48% off). Hurry, less than 30 hours to go!