Ink Stays Stuck

Newspaper not good enough for you transgressives, huh? I mean progressives. I think you’re sinning thinking about getting rid of the newspaper though. Paper for all time. Print for all time. Here’s something neat: a concept from Quentin de Coster called “Newswasher.” Can you guess what it does from the preview picture? I can’t!

It’s got the word News in it, and the word Washer. What could it possibly be? It’s an invention made to add another step in the life of the newspaper! What the weird! Here’s what it does: Reviving an old wivez-technique from probably the olderest days of newspaper, this Newswasher capitalizes on the idea of washing the windows with vinegar and the paper.

Each paper from this limited edition comes with a free squirt bottle.

Designer: Quentin de Coster



Newswasher by Quentin de Coster