Coffee with Some Swoops

So you’re the type of person who’s got a lot of everything. Every time you have a guest over, it’s got to be something different from the last time they visited. Especially with coffeeware. You and you guests love coffee. You and your guests love tea. Really. So much. So you’ve got to have the most unique wares! Here’s what’s up: a white coffee service set from none other than designer Klaudia Miczan.

Miczan’s made a treat for you high class (or low class! no discrimination!) coffee drinkers around the world. This “white caffee service set” was made for two people, (add more with more sets), each set including two cups, a pitcher, a sugar bowl, and a tray. The unique nature rests almost entirely in the handles. Built for “clamping power”, their curves fit the palm in a wild and elegant way.

Prototype made entirely of porcelain.

Designer: Klaudia Miczan


White Caffee (aka coffee) Service Set by Klaudia Miczan