Chair in a Chair

Armchair “IN” isn’t the first of dual-combi chairs. In fact I’ve seen a handful of variations this past year but this one seems to nicely hit a balance between aesthetic duality and versatility. Playing with the idea of “internal content”, you can pull out the core and use it as a foot rest. Pull it out slightly to the side and you have an instant side table with convenient storage opportunities for CD’s (so 90’s) and magazines on the opposite side.

Designer: Renzo Menegon


  • Dave says:

    I love me some clean & minimalist geometry, but I seriously question the ergonomics of trying to get comfortable on a giant single radius arc.

  • MarcoCNicolini says:

    a chair in a chair: Chairception

  • flavia says:

    i think your chair in chair is fuctional, simple and fun !!!

  • Renzo Menegon says:

    Thanks Flavia and all for the comments…the main intent with “IN” is to estimulate a some new furniture experience playing in a simply and enjoyable way…and one more time, your comments are pretty much appreciated : ) Cheers!

  • Wonderful. Looks comportable, and stylish

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