Convenience In Pressing!

Since the chore is so dowdy and downright hateful, Designer Lisa Töpfer decided to make us a fun ironing kit that entices us to actually iron some clothes. I totally dig the foldable ironing mat that holds in the iron, when not in use. The main unit uses Lithium-Polymer-Battery-Technology offering the convenience of cordless ironing. A temperature sensor integrated into the iron makes the appliance work at a single setting that is multi-textile friendly. Like Lisa says, “Find a positive ironing experience with the ironing kit Feinraus.”

Designer: Lisa Toepfer

Feinraus Ironing Kit by Lisa Toepfer








  • Nickie says:

    i like where the design is headed but there are tons of better solutions. I own a travel irons because i zoom around a lot and I need one, it works the same way, it’s also cordless and has only one setting and works fine. it’s also way smaller than this one and comes in different colors etc.

    it costs like $20 new too =] don’t want to link drop in here so just google Mini Travel Iron if you’re not sure what i’m on about 🙂

    • Lisa says:

      Hey! Thanks for commenting!
      The idea wasn’t focusing on creating an new travel Iron, I know the can find tons of them..
      …it was more about reducing settings and simplify the handling for non professionals and creating a cool 2 in 1 product combination. That is fun to use and offers a new product experience.

  • GI says:

    This is a truly beautifully designed iron, and like she’s saying, the entire experience. Don’t know how fast can the plate temperature actually adjust to the fabric, but the board/container is a true innovation, and the appliance is thought through very well.

  • Hunter says:

    irons are 1500W… lipos will cause so much disappointment.

  • brack says:

    we could just drop the pretense that it matters whether or not we have a pressed shirt or not!!!

  • Bauski says:

    or we could stop being hippies and and realize, that outer appearance is one of many levels of social communication as are language, manners and facial expression…

    to Lisa:
    I am working in pre-development of a large company that produces irons and they did some calculations on concepts like yours. The problem is that ironing takes a huge amount of energy where the heat for the soleplate takes less then the energy for steam-generation. If you were only heat the soleplate (700W) and have your batteries last for a few minutes they would have the volume of 0.4liters. This means your iron would become very bulky.
    But very smart concept for the future,especially the whole 2in1-thing.

    Weiter so!

  • Margot says:

    cordless irons are always preferrable

  • Confucius says:

    Nice design. But whats so scary about a bit of colour?

  • Tom dang says:

    It’s really a smart design.
    Exactly what I want to buy!

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