Always Wanted a CNC Machine

I know you did. You always wanted to be able to have your router (for wood, not for internets) work robotically. You wanted to just be able to stick some numbers in there and bam! What a wicked sign you’ve got. Well check this out! Designer Nick Santillan had that uncontrollable urge, that need, that want! To make things better. To show improve! So what’d he do? He learned all about CNC machines, found some directions for a DIY, and DIHimself with modifications. Lovely, fabulous improvements.

36″ x 30″ x 26″ | Wood, Metal, Magic

CNC stands for “computer numerical controlled” and today it’s used for a number of machines including wood routers, milling machines, water jet cutters, oxy-fuel, surface grinders, and my favorite, 3D printing. The one mister Nick Santillan’s made here is for routing.

What’s so sweet about it? It’s for the home user. Not only is it small and manageable, it breaks down into three easy-to-store pieces for even easier use. It employs an open-table design and a moving gentry to make easy milling and engraving objects on the surface directly below. It’s got a custom tool holder to allow any number of mounts for any number of projects. Insane!

This is made to be further modified. That’s exactly what the future is about. Not cut and sold to be limited, designed to hold up to several generations of modifications!

Designer: Nick Santillan

CNC modification by Nick Santillan