Italian Supercar Bathroom

Two objects, both inspired by the famous car studio Pininfarina. Aerodynamical forms, fast and sporty. These lovelies come in two colors: fresh green (color of a life,) and scarlet (a traditional racing color.) Surfaces similar to racing auto varnish, nice to use, nice to race (if you’re into racing sinks, that is.)

The objects in this line consist of a W.C. pan and a wash-basin. Both objects have wall-mounted installation systems, both objects are spectacularly shiny.

Black and white mosaic wall not included.

NOTE: A message from the designer(s):

We devote this project to the memory of Andrea Pininfarina…

Lovely and slick.

Designer: Andrey Bondarenko of 2-B-2 Architecture


Italian Supercar Bathroom





  • reality says:

    yawn. shape for the sake of it. it does not move me so what else does it have? water saving capibility or uses recycled material

  • molodec, Andryuxa!

  • brack says:

    it does look easy to clean.

  • mif991 says:

    Some of the surface treatments look doughy instead of the sexy Pinninfarina magic we are used to seeing in the cars. If you didn’t say it was a homage to this famous designer, I wouldn’t have figured out. I also would request to make this sculptural piece more minimal in overall size. Using so much material just for its looks is not smart.

  • Bob says:

    Can they double as spoilers for my ricer?

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