Cargo Shipping With Care And Accuracy

While working in the cargo bay for moving and shifting heavy loads with cranes, two things really bother the crew, one is their safety and the other is accurate transfer of the load. Addressing both these issues is the Safeguard Device. It’s a contraption that attaches to the crane (as illustrated in the images). From it’s height above, the device beams a laser graphic to the floor below, clearly marking the danger zone for the crew to avoid. The infrared helps in assisting the accurate transfer of the cargo from point A to B, thus eliminating the help of the ground crew.

Designers: Zhang Yakun, He Siqian, Zhu Ningning, Mu Zhiwei & Chen Chen

Safeguard Infrared Warning Device For Cranes & Cargo Transport by Zhang Yakun, He Siqian, Zhu Ningning, Chen Chen &Mu Zhiwei






  • Nomad Designer says:

    Blind spot?

    What about the huge laser’s “shadow” created by the cargo?

  • Lamah says:

    That would be really useful. You’d need a very powerful laser to project a design that large visible in daylight, but it is probably achievable.

    But that device cannot possibly work as shown. The laser needs line of sight between the transmitter and the place it is projecting to. On all your diagrams, that visibility is hopelessly blocked by the container being lifted. The laser projector would have to be extended outwards from the crane by quite a large distance in order to clear the container.

  • JDizzle says:

    What a bunch of crap! Why go to the trouble to build a physical property of something that would never work? I mean, you can see in their own diagrams that it wouldn’t work. FAIL LOL.

  • Confucius says:

    In theory this is a good idea, however, it hasn’t been executed in the best way with the presentation. As mentioned above, the load gets in the way, therefore work needs to be done to overcome this issue, i.e move it somewhere else!

    I know the dogman is one of the highest paid personnel on a construction site. So, to stop his pay cheque is going to save the construction co in the short term.

  • wow says:

    took 5 people to come up with this!?

    • anon says:

      Yup, and apparently none of them knows about these things called “shadows.”

  • Hunter says:

    umm, a large circle projected on the ground would work in most cases, 20 different circles is non-sense, and um battery powered? what?

    also.. infrared? those are the least visible! unless you want to burn through the workers eyes. GREEN laser is what they want!!?

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