Cargo Shipping With Care And Accuracy

While working in the cargo bay for moving and shifting heavy loads with cranes, two things really bother the crew, one is their safety and the other is accurate transfer of the load. Addressing both these issues is the Safeguard Device. It’s a contraption that attaches to the crane (as illustrated in the images). From it’s height above, the device beams a laser graphic to the floor below, clearly marking the danger zone for the crew to avoid. The infrared helps in assisting the accurate transfer of the cargo from point A to B, thus eliminating the help of the ground crew.

Designers: Zhang Yakun, He Siqian, Zhu Ningning, Mu Zhiwei & Chen Chen

Safeguard Infrared Warning Device For Cranes & Cargo Transport by Zhang Yakun, He Siqian, Zhu Ningning, Chen Chen &Mu Zhiwei