The Workplace Buddy Drone!


Most drones have state of the art cameras mounted on them, with the ability to film 2K or FullHD at the very least. MooD’s a little different in that aspect. It has an infrared sensor that captures thermal imaging data. Now why would a drone capture anything in infrared?

The MooD is a drone with a slightly different purpose. It’s meant for office environments. For places where team spirit and group dynamics are essential for a company’s survival, the MooD captures a human’s thermal map, knowing how they feel. So if there’s an employee who’s battling personal problems, depression, anger, or stress, the MooD knows, and helps alleviate the situation by letting the co-workers know that there’s a problem. The drone therefore initiates a dialogue and helps the problem get solved, or go away, bringing normalcy back to the corporate environment!

How great would this be for the Big Brother house, eh! 😉

Designer: Jerome Prax