Try Air To Stay Dry

Back in May last year I did a roundup of the Most Unconventional Umbrellas seen here on YD. I wish I had stumbled across the Air Umbrella then, because it’s the mother of unconventional designs! Imagine an umbrella with no canopy! The barrier between you and the raindrops is a sheet of steady air that is blown out by this hollow pipe. Physics and a lot of engineering stuff is clogging my brains to accept this design, but if I put these dark clouds of doubt out of the way, we may have something in this concept. Think about it!

  • You can control the length of the stick and the size of the air canopy.

Designers: Je Sung Park & Woo Jung Kwon



Air Umbrella by Je Sung Park




  • Hausiechild says:

    The umbrella is also made of plastic. (At least the’s what it looks like.)

  • Hausiechild says:

    They are saying it’s more eco-friendly because there is no need for an umbrella bag, though I’ve only seen umbrella bags in a few places and nobody was using them.

  • Biron says:

    Can this item be bought? I can’t find it anywhere.

    I was looking at a wind and storm proof umbrella here:

    It’s aerodynamic and looks pretty cool/futuristic, but I actually like this one better because it seems more innovative and would be really fun to use in public. But I don’t see a link to buy it.

  • clgoodyear says:

    I am surprised by all of the negative comments about this innovative product. I think it’s a great concept. There haven’t been any improvements to the umbrella for decades. I hate the ones available now. The small ones don’t last more than a use or two. The big ones are so awkward and usually poke anyone closeby.
    I would love to buy one of these. I hope they are produced and marketed soon. If this works it would be a great breakthrough in staying dry in rainy weather!

    • Britt says:

      Nobody can be eco-friendly on this planet unless you are big foot look around at what you own plastic is in just about everything we own so unless you are naked living under a rock eating only bark and grass you are not eco-friendly yes you can think you are but your not

  • Steve says:

    Maybe you can look at this site before you get too hung-up on the plastic portion…

  • Tanesha says:

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  • Rachel says:

    You go through 5 6 umbrellas a year? I live in a town in Montana that the wind speed can reach up to 103 miles an hour (happen just this last weekend I can share the news website if you don’t believe me) and rain in the same day. I have an umbrella that has lasted me going on 5 years.

  • Lynn Harrison says:

    Where can you buy this?

  • Antonio says:

    Why are U using vulgarisms? It´s just different way of thinking… What about recyclable rechargeable batteries (up to 4 years usage)?

    Things like this UMBRELLA are turning HISTORY into the FUTURE!

  • Chelsea says:

    All this arguing about ecology of the item but no one thinks about how socially irresponsible to use this stupid thing because of the effects to people around you! This guy I know invented & applied for a patent for this exact item in USA over 20 yrs ago. He told me about it & the first thing I said is… everyone around you will hate you for using it. DUH…

  • Chelsea says:

    Yeah while everyone around you gets beamed with high velocity water drops flying out in all directions. Not to mention the hateful intended things someone can do with this just to upset others by pointing it at them in the rain. This stupid design proves humans are getting more and more antisocial & couldn’t give a damn about getting along with others alongside them.

  • Thanks for sharing your thoughts on puffy nipples. Regards

  • Mpop says:

    It’s really cool product and design. Maybe the person who wrote the blurb on the product, ie eco friendl/less plastic bags…maybe the product is made from recycled plastic bags? On a differect note, I’m embarrassed as an American, at how intolerant so many ppl have been at that guys grammar and spelling. If an American went to another country, where English, wasn’t primary language,..most people would appreciate the effort and not pick you apart. The guy is not teaching your children! Geez…yes, run on sentence,lol.

  • Olivia says:

    To whom it may concern,
    How about instead of making a huge deal out of something so small and unimportant, we go on with our normal lives and DEAL WITH IT.

  • derp says:

    everyone just shut up oh my god

  • jonmast says:

    Why not recharge the batteries with a compact wind turbine incorporate into the handle? Wind is very common in a rain storm…

  • OreoPerson says:

    This debate over whether it is eco friendly or not may go on for awhile. And you guys seem to be too determined to prove each other wrong that you are missing the point. I think it is a great idea for an umbrella, and I applaud the designer for it’s capabilities and sleek design. Even if it is developed further and goes on the market one day, there will always be those people who are against it. I say we respect our differences and look towards the future!

  • Grace says:

    I want one of these for keeping the bugs off me when I’m sitting out in the sun!

  • S Balasubramanian says:

    A new product that is worth a try. May become future rage! Only time will tell. Congratulations to the creator of the new air umbrella.

  • Sean says:

    Wow, what a brilliant idea guys. Just out of curiosity, what kind of technology is used to suck in the air and blow it out? Is it a motor with propellers? Where does it fit? Is being adjustable the only thing that matters (Which is mentioned so many times)? Where did all those segments go in shown picture? What about rain drops that it would throw at others? and this list goes on and on
    As designers we are responsible to answer at least some of these questions. You are right, we need to “Think about it!”
    Sean, an industrial designer

    ‘brains’?! Seriously?

  • anonymous says:

    This product never exaisted and according to the kickstarter may never exsist many investors are abgry bcause they invested and raised a bunch of money and have never recieved their promised product… read more here

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