Autonomous Power Train Power

Welcome to the future of mobility. See here a concept about the way we’re about to be getting around. Cars controlled by robot brains, cargo containers for 20, 24, 40 passengers at a time. Entertainment screens on the backs of seats. Swivel chairs. And bright, shiny colors!

Designed to be a system that works sort of like our electronics to today with replaceable cartridges – except unlike the terrible situation we’re in today with printers and ink, these cargo containers and their autonomous power trains will work together to make the world a BETTER place.

Why a flexible layout in there? Because during the day it can be a kid bus (40 passenger) then at night and on the weekends it can switch to a lower amount of seats for all the billions of people standing!

THE BEST PARTS – The seats have screens on their backs. What for? Teevee. But they don’t activate unless you’ve got your seatbelt on. Then when you get in a crash and roll down a hill, the middle rotates independently of the rest of the train. Then when the rolling stops, foldable seats make it easy to exit quick.

Designer: Francisco Lindoro and Philipp Divitschek




Future Mobility by Francisco Lindoro and Philipp Divitschek



  • Niels says:

    Someone’s been watching iRobot..

  • kaywarner says:

    1)How do the little robot units hold the cargo? the 4th image from the top looks a bit dicey. it looks like pure friction holding the container….

    2)How does it turn with no “5th” wheel type arrangement…?!

    3)the second image down shows the robot unit with headlights, then they are closed off by the trailer unit. inspired.

    4) on a serious note, the “No Seat Belt, No TV” idea is really good.

    5) 4/10.

  • papo says:

    wow, awesome

  • CodyFrisbee says:

    T-rex doesn’t want to be driven, he wants to drive.

  • Looks good, i definitely like the panels of the bus body being easy to remove.
    Would like to see one with solar cell coatings all over the exterior body panels to provide power for some electronics or supplemental energy for electronic brakes or charging portable devices.

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