Autonomous Power Train Power

Welcome to the future of mobility. See here a concept about the way we’re about to be getting around. Cars controlled by robot brains, cargo containers for 20, 24, 40 passengers at a time. Entertainment screens on the backs of seats. Swivel chairs. And bright, shiny colors!

Designed to be a system that works sort of like our electronics to today with replaceable cartridges – except unlike the terrible situation we’re in today with printers and ink, these cargo containers and their autonomous power trains will work together to make the world a BETTER place.

Why a flexible layout in there? Because during the day it can be a kid bus (40 passenger) then at night and on the weekends it can switch to a lower amount of seats for all the billions of people standing!

THE BEST PARTS – The seats have screens on their backs. What for? Teevee. But they don’t activate unless you’ve got your seatbelt on. Then when you get in a crash and roll down a hill, the middle rotates independently of the rest of the train. Then when the rolling stops, foldable seats make it easy to exit quick.

Designer: Francisco Lindoro and Philipp Divitschek




Future Mobility by Francisco Lindoro and Philipp Divitschek