Single Sheet of Folded Metal

Who loves single sheets of folded metal!? Everyone here should be raising their hand, because metal is awesome, and folding metal is amazing, and using one piece of metal where usually there’d be at least 3 or 4, well that’s just super. Designer Tobias Labarque folded the heck out of this metal right here and he made the TLF03ALU, a cantilever-type chair made of a single perforated aluminum plate.

No joints, no connections, no welding. It’s totally stackable(!), and functions well for spilling your coffee all over it. It’s a structure for your lobby. I’m really pumped about lobby furniture lately it seems. I’d put everything in my lobby if I had one. Especially this chair.

Labarque! You make a good lobby chair, I say so!

Designer: Tobias Labarque


TLF03ALU aluminum chair by Tobias Labarque