This elaborate machine automatically prepares and builds burgers!


Well, the future is finally here… Not just because Uber is giving us the promise of flying cars, but because San Francisco based firm Creator is finally giving us the completely automated burger making machine, a contraption that puts together a juicy, delicious burger together from start to end in a precisely self-replicating, consistent way that would put McDonald’s to shame.

8 years in the making, the machine comes with individual tubes and receptacles that hold everything from buns to pickles to veggies to even condiments. An individual patty-cooking area freshly seasons and prepares the meat patty to perfection (even with cheese on top) before assembling the burger bit by bit via a conveyor (even slicing the veggies on the spot for unbeatable freshness) and finally encapsulating magic between two buns before sending the perfectly juicy, freshly prepared cheeseburger into the packaging unit that stores your delicious meal in a nice paper container that can then be conveniently carried to you and served up with some fries and soda.

Assembly Line Machines are usually reserved for labor-intensive tasks that require precision and repetition… so if a machine can assemble a car better and faster than a man can, would that logic apply to the consistent preparation and assembly of a burger too? I really don’t know, but I urge our readers in San Francisco to give the world’s first automated burger a taste!

Designer: Creator