Printing A Road

The Road Printer is a device that can be used to print road-signs directly onto the road surface. As opposed to the tedious job of hand-painting the signs, this device looks at making the task easier and precise. A set of templates like Stop, U Turn, Bus, Arrow Signs etc. are pre-programmed into the device and are jet-sprayed to the surface. The menu buttons are large enough to endure a boot or a push from your fingers. A solar panel on the top-end helps in charging the thang.

A paint cartridge swings from side-to-side between the track wheels, spraying the selected icon to the road. The paint reservoir is fitted at the rear and can be easily refilled.

Overall a nice, perceptive design; something my country could very well use. Where I live, we have a lot of red-tape even to get roads painted. First they have a tender floated for getting the job done, and then the contractors take their sweet time, disrupt traffic and still do a shoddy job of the markings. If the Road Printer will do the perfect job with a quick, drying paint…life in traffic will be a tad bit easier!

Designers: Hoyoung Lee, Doyoung Kim & Hongju Kim for Designsory

[youtube: 600 451]

Road Printer - Sign Printer by Hoyoung Lee, Doyoung Kim & Hongju Kim for Designsory