Printing A Road

The Road Printer is a device that can be used to print road-signs directly onto the road surface. As opposed to the tedious job of hand-painting the signs, this device looks at making the task easier and precise. A set of templates like Stop, U Turn, Bus, Arrow Signs etc. are pre-programmed into the device and are jet-sprayed to the surface. The menu buttons are large enough to endure a boot or a push from your fingers. A solar panel on the top-end helps in charging the thang.

A paint cartridge swings from side-to-side between the track wheels, spraying the selected icon to the road. The paint reservoir is fitted at the rear and can be easily refilled.

Overall a nice, perceptive design; something my country could very well use. Where I live, we have a lot of red-tape even to get roads painted. First they have a tender floated for getting the job done, and then the contractors take their sweet time, disrupt traffic and still do a shoddy job of the markings. If the Road Printer will do the perfect job with a quick, drying paint…life in traffic will be a tad bit easier!

Designers: Hoyoung Lee, Doyoung Kim & Hongju Kim for Designsory

[youtube: 600 451]

Road Printer - Sign Printer by Hoyoung Lee, Doyoung Kim & Hongju Kim for Designsory






  • tudza says:

    You must be joking. They’ve got stencils you can use for this sort of job, cheap, easy and quick. They have heat applied road stickers you can put down and melt into place.

    I think you have not looked into how this is already done and way over-engineered a solution.

  • Mihai Hogea says:

    My friend was one of the lead fabricators on the chalk bot. I find it hard to believe that this won an award…..

  • Nick says:

    what happens if you accidentally kick the wrong button and it starts spraying the wrong sign? Even if you stop it, you have a bunch of paint on the ground that isn’t easy to clean up.

  • Maybe they could consider contracts for those who invested in this ‘road printer’, that could make it work for everyone.

  • JBantha says:

    it would be great if you could program it for different words or logos… it’s just silly

    I preffer the good old stencils

  • Chris says:

    Obviously this is intended for California or somewhere that never sees any snow.

  • munalmis says:

    i think this is a good idea, but bad oriented. for writing a “stop” on the road just stamp it, so simple and more cheap.

    i think, instead of using this for specific signs like bus stop etc. i’d rather print to unique human figures ,signs, logos etc.

    it has a very high potential to do all of them. anyway good idea.

  • Ron says:

    Why solve a problem that doesn’t exist?

  • Feniks says:

    I allready have this idea like many others i beelive but it’s still good i think. My idea was not much diferent. More cartriges with diagonal instaled print wholes for faster printing mounted on the truck. Special colour in the old marks for position detector for truely covering this old marks.
    Baaaa, my english is something special. I hope you understand me.

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