It’s a speaker-eat-speaker world


Not to be confused with the Nest thermostat, that makes your house as cozy as a nest, the Nest Speakers by Donita Viktoria Salazar are named so because it revolves around the concept of one speaker nesting inside another.

Inspired by Matrioshka dolls that fit inside one another, the speaker consists of a small portable audio unit, and a larger speaker unit that stays put in a part of your house. The smaller speaker docks conveniently in the center of the larger speaker and uses this docking action for pairing as well as wireless charging.

The convenient design prevents you from misplacing your speaker, while also giving you two speakers in one. Ideal for people who love having music wherever they go, the Nest can be carried around, and can be used as a rather heavy-duty speaker at home, because home is where the music is loudest!

Designer: Donita Viktoria Salazar