These Acoustic Cabins Are Designed To Be ‘Islands of Privacy’ In Modern Offices

Honestly, in time I’ve really come to love office pods or work booths. Office pods have gotten supremely popular ever since COVID-19 hit, not only do they create little isolated spaces to work in, but they also provide a whole other level of privacy, that would have been otherwise unimaginable and completely unattainable in a commercial office. There are quite a few versatile options on the market when it comes to office pods, and a pretty neat one I recently came across is the Qyos acoustic cabin by Actiu.

Designer: Actiu

Spanish office furniture brand Acitu recently designed its first acoustic meeting pod called Qyos. Qyos was launched to create “islands of privacy”. Qyos is a range of modular and sound-insulated cabins that were created by Actiu’s research and development team. The cabins are ideal for calls or tasks that need your complete focus and attention. The acoustic pods are an excellent option to escape when you need to get some work done on priority without the entire office bothering you.

“The booth can be a counterpoint solution to the overuse of meeting rooms and a strategic tool to organize space and encourage the optimal movement of people,” said Actiu. “Like the Greek island of Chios, Actiu’s booth is presented as a place of calm and refuge for a few minutes of the intensive and collaborative day-to-day.”

The Qyos cabins have been designed to be easily and effortlessly assembled. The cladding can be swiftly clipped on or off without the need for tools. The door of the acoustic pod can be oriented to either side, which allows it to adapt to any space it is placed into. The size of the cabin is compact, optimizing it for efficient and easy transportation. The Qyos cabin is built using recycled PET plastic, acoustic glass, steel, and extruded aluminum.

The cabins are available in varied finishes such as epoxy, textile, and melamine finishes in myriad combinations. Qyos also utilizes low-consumption LED lighting, and an air renewal system to offer maximum comfort to the user. Optional accessories such as high or low tables, screen hangings, stools, and soft seating are available as well.