Electric Racer

If given a free hand and will, designer Maarten Timmer hopes to recreate bike-racing magic with an Electrical Powered Motorcycle! Don’t be so lofty and hear his plans out. This is what the VertiGO features: electric propulsion, low noise and emissions, a silent motor, high torque, very fast acceleration, maximum speed on the straights (100 to 150 km ride on a “battery pack”).

“The Vertigo differs drastically in technology. You have an electric motor instead of a combustion and the energy storage is different (battery packs instead of a fuel tank). The powertrain so different from a regular model, has its impact on the design. The design / styling of the bodywork is inextricably linked with the technology. Cases such as wheelbase and overall ergonomics of a race engine are crystallized in recent decades and have proven (almost) optimal. It is also my opinion, wise to the development step by step to implement, since the motor world guarded in of change. “

Designer: Maarten Timmer

VertiGO Electrical Powered Motorcycle by Maarten Timmer