One Armed Orange Monster!

Hybrid! Its a hybrid! You can save a lot of gas money if you use this particular digging machine. It’s chock-full of the most modern simple things I’ve never seen implemented on a machine like this. A sliding counterweight, for example, what a fabulous idea! Sliding cabin – basically the same idea, again, why wasn’t this a feature for years now? And my favorite – independent articulation for the tracks. Excellent!

The tracks, they can do anything. The cabin – oh you’re gonna like the cabin. Not only can it move independent (to a degree) of the rest of the machine, it’s got the most modern controls. Touch-screen interface and lovely, lovely knobs. And the seat is steady too!

And would you look at those renderings?

Those renderings are just excellent.

Designer: Doosan Infracore: HAN Jeong Bok, KIM Eui Sik, LEE Dong Chirl

CX Excavator by Doosan Infracore








  • Lee says:

    This is thing is extremely cool. I might have to get into another line of work, just so I can drive one of these once they are out.

  • mif991 says:

    I would like to hear from an operator of these machines… Does orange glass have an advantage over other tints? Interesting seat and mechanism, but doesn’t have additional information. If it weren’t for the intro, I would have thought of this as a cool toy design.

  • Tony says:

    I showed this to my brother who has over 25 years operating large machinery. He comments were while it looked pretty it would function horrible out in the field.

    The sliding cabin made no sense to him at all. What more is there to see?

    The sliding counter balance also made no sense. He said that most of the time the bucket being used will only pick up so much and that amount is never going to be more then what the machine can do. Also that modern machines already have internal systems that tell the operator based on how far the boom is out how much can be lifted. That there are alarms and sensors that would go off if this was exceeded and in some cases the machine will turn off.

    He also mentioned that the machines are always breaking down and that they are built to be rugged, not pretty. The tracks are build the way they are, single and fixed, because it works and there are less parts to break.

    He basically stated that while the design was nice. It wasn’t needed. If if was a need, it would have already been done.

  • Rooster says:

    Nice design…
    To bad it is just a big rip off from the old Volvo CE Concept by Lighthaus.

    Check out Sfinx concept from 2004.

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