One Armed Orange Monster!

Hybrid! Its a hybrid! You can save a lot of gas money if you use this particular digging machine. It’s chock-full of the most modern simple things I’ve never seen implemented on a machine like this. A sliding counterweight, for example, what a fabulous idea! Sliding cabin – basically the same idea, again, why wasn’t this a feature for years now? And my favorite – independent articulation for the tracks. Excellent!

The tracks, they can do anything. The cabin – oh you’re gonna like the cabin. Not only can it move independent (to a degree) of the rest of the machine, it’s got the most modern controls. Touch-screen interface and lovely, lovely knobs. And the seat is steady too!

And would you look at those renderings?

Those renderings are just excellent.

Designer: Doosan Infracore: HAN Jeong Bok, KIM Eui Sik, LEE Dong Chirl

CX Excavator by Doosan Infracore