Floatin’ on High Class

This is just the 50 feet flybridge motor yacht that you need. That’s what I’m about to stand by. This lovemobile has three decks of elegance. Like the yacht I just wrote about a few days ago, this is another fabulous automotive-inspired boat machine from Motion Code Blue. It’s called the SENTORI 50 R in all caps, and it’s so very visually powerful. Believe it. It looks to be a coupe!

Gigantic windows in the greenhouse to actualize a melding of interior and exterior spaces. Large owners window in the hull for an excellent und unique view slightly above the water, shark fin level. Bar in back acts as skylight for salon underneath.

Minimalistic keyboard-like design for the steering console.

Sunbed and multifunctional dining area up in the back. Dining table ready for 8 can be raised for use or lowered for sun bathing area. Wet-bar, hot-plate, refrigerator with super awesome semi-transparent glass surface.

Length: 15.3 m
Beam: 5.0 m
Displacement: 18 t
Engines: 2 x 900 PS YANMAR
Maximum Speed: 40 knots.
Customer: albatross yachts and composite ltd, taiwan.
Available in 2010.

Designer: Motion Code Blue


SENTORI 50 R yacht by Motion Code Blue