This retro-future 6-propeller racing drone is inspired by Ferrari’s F1 cars from the 50s

There isn’t really much to say about the Lazzarini FD-One that isn’t said in the title. Designed by Italy-based studio Lazzarini, the FD-One is a conceptual racing tricopter drone with 6 propellers, a V12 gas engine, and 3 battery packs. Featuring a cockpit big enough for two, the FD-One takes a lot of inspiration from Ferrari’s F1 and F2 racing cars in the 50s, with a very close resemblance to the tubular framed Ferrari 500 F2.

The FD-One comes with three pairs of co-axial electric propellers powered by the V12 engine and three separate battery packs. The vehicle probably won’t have a high flying altitude, given that the cockpit isn’t a closed one… and seeing how the cockpit is relatively at the back of the vehicle, the FD-One is equipped with a camera on its front to give the pilot clear visibility. Lazzarini claims that the entire vehicle measuring 24 feet in length, could weigh just under 2000 pounds, and have a top speed of 310mph (498.8kmh). Lazzarini’s currently seeking for investors to help back the construction of a working prototype.

Designer: Lazzarini Design Studio