Meyers Manx’s Restorer NEV electric buggy for off-road adventures has a detachable roof and trailer hitch

Last year we were awed by the Manx 2.0 EV inspired by the original dune buddy created by Bruce Meyers. Now, the electric buggy has graduated to being the Restorer NEV capable of any urban adventure or hill climbs you throw at it. The chick four-wheeler has got spacious interiors for a family of four and looks to turn eyeballs.

The guts of this zero-emission urban ride are powered by a twin-electric motor drivetrain fed by pouch-cell lithium-ion batteries. This makes it capable of reaching a top speed of 25 mph to meet the NEV (Neighbourhood Electric Vehicle) standards. Restorer was revealed during the motorsports gathering at The Quail.

Designer: Meyers Manx

As per Phillip Sarofim, Chairman of Meyers Manx, the Restorer NEV is their ticket to elevate the segment by “introducing an unparalleled, well-engineered vehicle with the timeless Meyers Manx aesthetic. Our blend of premium design, craftsmanship, and a commitment to fostering exploration of one’s surroundings sets Meyers Manx apart from the competition”

The all-new Meyers Manx dune buggy gets aluminum monocoque chassis foldable windshield (just like the classic Meyers Manx buggy) and detachable roof to enjoy the open-air skirmishes. The EV is going to boast a dual electric motor setup to make it possible to haul a tow trailer, climb hills with ease or go off-road without much fuzz. It’s fitted with a four-wheel independent wishbone suspension, regenerative braking system, power steering and the option to hook it onto to a trailer courtesy of the trailer hitch. On the inside, things are kept basic with a backlit center-mounted speedometer and toggle switches to toggle the features. There are standard electric air conditioning and heating to keep things comfy for the riders.

Pricing for the Restorer electric buggy by the Californian automaker starts at $49,000, as a $500 deposit secures your unit for delivery sometime in the future. That’s far less than the $74,000 Manx 2.0 that’s more oriented towards longer travel routes with a range of 300 miles with a bigger battery pack, power output of 202 horsepower and ability to go from 0-60 mph in just 4.5 seconds. Restorer on the other hand is more tailored for short exciting rides, so don’t expect a better range!