A Truly Practical Hairdryer!


For many, the hairdryer is a device which is used daily, so putting something that is used so often after every use is a bit of a hassle and it’s not as if the awkward shape of a hairdryer is always easy to fit into a draw!

Junbyung Choi identified this issue and set out to design a far more practical hairdryer, and the solution came in the form of Objet. With a design that’s inspired by crossroads extending from one stem to two branches, it is clear from first glance that it is far from a conventional hair dryer. Rather than being stored in the draw when it is not in use or cluttering up the room if it is left out, it neatly mounts onto the wall.

The wide range of neutral colors that are offered paired with the simplistic and fuss-free design makes Objet a perfect fit for any room, with any style of interior décor.

Designer: Junbyung Choi