Hardcore Headphones

The Helix-IR concept is designed by Jean HONG & Dassault Systèmes DesignStudio team. It’s a wireless headphone that looks like mechanical wizardry with all the moving parts. The central part is made from sheet aluminum, laser cut and stamped. This configuration provides a lightweight, flexible structure complimented with high end finishing. It surrounds the head like an exo-skeleton. We don’t have much information on the specs but told the performance is top-tier for the hardcore audiophile.

Designer: Jean Hong


  • D'Andre says:

    I have wireless headphones but I wish I had something that was designed like this: lightweight, sleek and, most importantly, offers the highest level of sound quality.

  • Looks great! I could use one at work so I can discretely listen to my fave tunes.

  • Nathan says:

    What an amazing design I really like the mechanical look of it. But why did they put the solidworks logo on the sides?

  • Crnchy says:

    Awesome piece! I cannot wait to hear even more about their specs and price.

  • Jon says:

    “The Helix-IR concept is designed by Jean HONG & Dassault Systèmes DesignStudio team.”

    Dassault Systèmes makes solidworks.

  • Designer says:

    The Concept headphone was designed with CATIA V6.

    The logo you see is from Dassault Systèmes & Solidworks is one of Dassault Systèmes software.

  • Steph says:

    Hi the Oakley glasses to me say of the wearer ” I am a complete wanker” realy bad design. Definatley not for a market of any sophistication. 15 yo boys may like it though. The head phones are in my opinion over styled with to much superfluous detail. Kinda android. Nice bones but someone got carried away.

  • Cbob says:

    When will it be available? And how much will it cost?

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