Keeping in Touch – Get it?

This project right here is called the “Squibble Portable Braille Interface” and it’s basically a text-message machine for the seeing-impared. Or if you’re able to read Braille, you’re in luck because this’d be an amazing pocket-chatter. Love the implications!

My friend Eric taught in Dubai a few years ago and said that his students had become so adept at the keypads on their phones that they’d begun to be able to text in their pockets or behind their backs, without looking! This machine right here would have a step up on them, as the user of this would also be able to READ behind their back. Super fab!

This device works with both braille characters and other easily recognizable symbols on a unique grid of tactile dots. Each dot works in tangent with the rest to present a rather excellent interactive keypad. The pad also works with high-contrast coloring to aid in learning if the user is gradually losing sight.

Replaceable silicone covers.


Currently being studied and developed for production.

Designer: Andrew Mitchell

Squibble Portable Braille Interface by Andrew Mitchell





  • kevin says:

    Its a interesting concept


  • FLX says:

    Great concept and nice execution – but why not make it a full phone?

    • Andy says:

      Hi FLX,

      Phones move to fast, and are too disposable in modern society for a manufacturer of a niche product like a Braille phone to keep up. And users who have visual impairments want the latest phones and features, but its a struggle to use some of them.

      Its much better to gain the use of the latest features through an interface that has a longer life than try and keep up in the phone market. This also gives the option to connect to multiple devices at once, for instance a friend wants to show you a text on their phone but doesn’t want to read it out loud. It does have a built in microphone and earpiece so calls can be collected and made through it when connected to a phone.

      And updates to the software make it compatible with new phones as they come out, making sure as features become more prolific such as GPS, twitter & e-mail are easy to access through this. 🙂

      • redmond says:

        nice concept
        nice idea
        great execution !!

      • Judith Aklama says:

        Excellent move and bravo for concentrating on objective rather than latest fad.

      • Judith Aklama says:

        Excellent move and bravo for concentrating on objective rather than latest fad.

  • reality says:

    if you have this technology why not just a speaker?

  • Kevin says:

    This is in the department, good work

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