Designs with GPS are On The Map!

You know that’s what this whole thing is about, right? Designing something so spectacular, so helpful to society that it puts a picture of your face on every map. This is where they designed the product fantasique! The people in this post know what’s going on. The following is 10 unique designs whose creators knew it’d be an awesome idea to incorporate a Global Positioning System, aka, GPS.


Look below, all ye map following adventurers! Ye shall find the treasures ye seek.

1. Scout – Portable Pedestrian Navigation Device : Designed to be your most handiest sidekick in a new situation, made for travelers who wish to access local social networks through the Scout online experience. Use scout as a seeing eyeglass to experience a whole new world of interactivity!

2. E’llipse Traveler Watch : Made to be basically a smartphone for your wrist, this high-fashion watch boasts time, weather, calendar and a custom API for a lovely experience. Not to mention the GPS locator for maps and more, omg!

3. EMIL Experience Outdoors : Might be using the simplest implementation of the GPS, better yet the most rudimentary. This compass is made for kids on a mission to play games, but boasts all the information you need to know where you’re at in the world.

4. MAPTOR Map and Projector Device : is very similar to the EMIL, only it projects with light a sort of YOU ARE HERE mall map for you that looks awfully similar to Googlemaps. Good design be jealous!

5. Visionplus sightstick for the blind : is really the hyper-version of a seeing-eye-stick. It boasts mapping capabilities, braille or numbered press-button controls, audio, and most fabulously, telescoping capability (for when you’ve just gotta show off by extending your cane.)

6. Meerkat Removable Mudguard Lock for Cycles : Whoa nelly! Let’s change gears here for a second. This lovely lady not only tracks your bike with GPS science style, it’s got a friendly analog “the rider is supposed to be this person” sort of vibe to it.

7. CODE X Luxury Power Yacht : That went well, let’s keep steering offshore! This design is a boat! Inside of the boat is a GPS-reliant “virtual anchor” system that, instead of letting down a hunk of metal, keeps the boat in place with the motors, backing or forwarding based on GPS location.

8. GPS Coin : Oh my goodness it’s got GPS right there in the title. This friendly little coin’s a flip away from your favorite restaurant. Choose two, flip the coin, and whichever one came up heads, the coin will lead you to. Win!

9. Peugeot Capsule Concept Car : An escape-pod that’ll save you from the claws of normal-life and city-life with a ton of fabulous motorcycle-esque features including built-in GPS location system.

10. 4P Extreme Sport Camera : And finally, the 4P Extreme Sport Camera. This camera does not have a built-in GPS. The device its eyeball FOLLOWS does though, of course. This camera relies on some pinpointed GPS craziness to follow the person holding the device it needs to seek in order to take amazing x-games style video. Get sponsored!

That’s all for today folks, but that was only 10! If you’re interested in GPS related projects beyond these, simply do yourself a search or click right on the GPS link to parse the Yanko Design archives!