Someone Shaved My Seat Tonight

I was looking at this project and thought, wowie! That’s cute! It’s a stool made of birdseed, I wonder what happens when the birds get done eating it? But then I realized that ITS MADE OF SAWDUST. The environmentalness and green-ery of this project makes my eyes bleed. Bleed right out of my head!

And I love resin!

The Wood Industry uses a lot of wood. Imagine that. And in using a lot of wood, they inevitably come up with a bunch of sawdust. Lots and lots of sawdust. That sawdust, normally trashed, is mixed with a resin and pressed into a mold that contains the legs of the future stool.

…the opportunity was exploring new ways of integration between the legs of the furniture and the sawdust through expansion of the joints, this and the way the sawdust crumbles toward the edges creates a new material esthetics to once destined to be waste material.

Cool beans!

Designer: Toav Avinoam

Shavings by Toav Avinoam