Creative Music Interaction

Touchtable is a PMP that is interactive and intuitive. It features a large controller wheel that surrounds the screen and performs just like a turntable. It’s even sensitive to touch and pressure and when you use it in combo with the surrounding function buttons, it facilitates absolute user control over a track, through precise position, timing and pitch manipulation.


  • One function button controls the simultaneous switching to a secondary track, allowing the user to mix records on the fly, or to scratch samples over a track.
  • Through the cue output, each track is directed to either the left or right headphone, the beat and pitch can then be matched, a cue point created, and the combined tracks mixed out the main phono output.
  • Two devices can also be combined wirelessly at the click of a button, to act similarly to the traditional DJ set up, just at around 1:8 the scale.
  • This function also allows for multiple users to mix and scratch tracks together, combining their own Touchtable devices through one output.
  • The device not only adds interaction to the personal listening experience, but can be used for performance.
  • The Touchtable can be plugged into a computer, where it acts as a midi device, working with built in software, allowing complete creativity and control over customization and music creation.
  • Touchtable allows for complex interactions, comparable to a complete DJ set up, however the device itself is very simplistic: designed for ease of assembly/disassembly, interchangeability and miniaturization through technology. It is not only ultra portable, but cost effective, easy and enjoyable to use.

Designer: Thomas Mascall

Touchtable Music Mixing And Listening Device by Thomas Mascall






  • Jeff says:

    I love this design. I want it to go into production so i can buy a set. Im a beginner dj and an industrial design student and this wouldve saved me a lot of money and space. However I would like to see a concept for a mixer interface between the two devices like a traditional dj set up has. The one thing about that is scaling that part down so much could be detrimental to the usage of the fader. Just a few things to think about. Otherwise I love it.

  • Tim says:

    This looks awesome!

    James: Why do I get the feeling you typed that on your touch? Haha

  • Clay says:

    awesome… I want a pair…

  • DjFIL says:

    Not sure if it’s as functional as the larger Pacemaker Handheld DJ Device (… as this is missing a crossfader\faders (EQ? FX?)… but it’s really cute.

  • Adrian says:

    great idea, i want a pair of this things, they can put my ipod to rest forever

  • ReeseGeek says:

    Genius Idea, i love the concept
    Practicing sound mixing on the go

  • Pio says:

    This NEEDS to be made!

  • james says:

    get it in production and fast i want 2 it is cool how much it is goig to cost?????????

  • Well you can get the same thing for iphone and ipad for free…..

  • DarkSideMatter says:

    That is way too small. Professional DJ’s would get laughed at, its a joke. It does look pretty smart in a sense though.

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