Rip Your Environment Apart

Augmented reality! That’s what we’re dealing with here. This right here is the “Scout – Portable Pedestrian Navigation Device” and it’s intended to be used by people traveling about, connecting then with local knowledge, wisdom, and GPS information to guide them. It’s a digital compass is what it is. It encourages “uninhibited exploration, discovery, documentation, and sharing.”

Can you imagine the games you could play with this lovely little thing?

The Scout has a screen, a camera, and a scroll wheel click button. As you know from using computer mice for years and years now, that’s all you need! With this device you could start a whole social-media revolution, bringing the people back to the streets!

Lemme know what you think about that.

Another interesting thing is the information Matt Marrocco has given us! In the submission we’ve got here of this project, we get all of the programs used to create it: Photoshop, Illustrator, Rhino, and Hypershot. That’s awesome.

Do you agree with giving up your tools along with the design?

Very big questions in this very simple design.

Designer: Matt Marrocco

Scout Portable Pedestrian Navigation Device by Matt Marrocco