Crazy About Concrete

The Concrete Reader desk lamp creates the perfect spotlight for reading. At about 300x500mm, it’s not too big or too small… just right for illuminating the pages and not the rest of the room. The concrete material that forms the globe has a fun, planetary aesthetic with tactile peculiarity that’s just begging to be touched!

Designer: Alexander Krivoshlykov


  • Connor says:

    Without any renderings with people reading it is hard to tell. However, it appears this device requires you to have the reading material on a table as opposed to a lap. I am unsure if this lamp would actually illuminate my text as I would be comfortably reading.

  • Beata says:

    any tipe of lithting design is based on practice, to check the illumination quallity. and this, at the moment seems only like a a sculpture on the table, and not a functional design object. Srry, but you should at least show how it looks in the dark. that is what the lamp is for…

  • To lines says:

    That, I’m afraid, is one of the ugliest things I’ve ever seen.

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