This all-season stylized bicycle helmet was designed to prevent accidents, as well as protect you from them

Helmets are designed for protection, not prevention. A helmet gives you cushioning during impact… but it doesn’t help you avoid the impact in the first place. Designed to do both jobs, the TorchONE is a helmet that guards you as well as increases your visibility. With large removable curved lights integrated into the helmet’s front and back, the TorchONE helps you be seen in low-light settings.

The TorchONE hopes to alter a scary statistic around cycling. In 2019, 56,000 cyclists lost their lives worldwide, and an estimated 60-70% of them were during low-light conditions. By integrating lights right into the helmet, the TorchONE approaches this problem with a two-fold solution – Prevention and Protection. A finalist at the 2020 EuroBike Awards, the TorchONE boasts of a streamlined, aerodynamic design that weighs a mere 382 grams with large, highly visible, removable lights on the front and back. Designed to provide 360° visibility, these are the largest lights to ever be fitted onto a bike, ensuring that they’re sufficiently visible even in bad weather. Attach them when you need and the lights can run 24/7, detach them during the day and the helmet’s weight drops to an incredibly lightweight 266 grams.

The lightweight, ergonomic shell makes the TorchONE comfortable to wear at all times. 10 widened vents ensure proper airflow, keeping your head cool, especially in the warm seasons or climates. The vents on the front and back double up as mounting areas for the lights, which just snap on with a satisfying push. Chargeable via MicroUSB, the front and back light panels are the largest to ever be integrated into a helmet, prioritizing visibility over everything else. The lights come with four lighting modes too, ensuring that even when obscured by obstacles, they remain visible and prevent any accidents. With this two-pronged approach of prevention and protection, the TorchONE hopes to make bicycling stylish and safe. The helmet comes in four colors, with free shipping to the US and UK.

Designer: Nathan Wills

Click Here to Buy Now: $111. Hurry, only 18/100 left! Free UK/US Shipping!

The TorchONE Helmet

The TorchOne helmet for is everyone, in all seasons and all weathers and with unique large removable 360°, 24/7/365 lighting displays.

Weighing in at just 266 grams without lights and 382 grams with lighting attached, the TorchONE is the lightest helmet in its category, with the largest light display currently available.

The 10 widened vents and aerodynamic design will be appreciated by the frequent and more dedicated riders and will provide essential ventilation for warmer climates and seasons.

The TorchONE lenses are fully rechargeable, using standard Micro USB3 connectivity to ensure global compatibility. The lighting operates in 4 modes and final testing is taking place to assess longevity in each of the four lighting modes.

Key Features

Removable LED Lighting Panels.

Largest Light Panel Available.

360-degree Lighting Panels.

4 Light Options.

Road Testing

Tested in the city with Lanre – Lanre commutes to work and uses his scooter to support his growing photography passion. They caught up with him in St Paul’s area of London to talk about his role in London and how he has been coping with maintaining his routine as a Key Worker during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Tested in the country with Indy – Indy lives in Dorset and has a very different style of commute and exercise route on her bike. The TorchONE has been designed for all environments on and off-road, in and out of the city so we spent some time in her local woods to test the helmet in a more challenging terrain.

Tested in the town with Luiz – A hardcore commuter, Luiz uses his one-wheel and Brompton bike to travel around London all year-round. A gentle giant, Luiz has a new-born which keeps him around his local North London borough.

Click Here to Buy Now: $111. Hurry, only 18/100 left! Free UK/US Shipping!