A Better Understanding of Stoplights

The way a person becomes smart is to store in their brain only the information that they have to know, dismissing the rest. If it’s written down, I don’t need to know it. That’s what Albert Einstein would have you believe. But not Damjan Stanković. In an ideal Damjan Stanković world, you’d know how long you were at that stoplight because it would tell you what it’s up to. Tell me what you’re up to, stoplight!

Don’t hold back your secrets, you stoplight you! I would love to know how much time I have before I am able to race to the next copy of you. I want to know how much time I have so I can hurry up and stop again!


Stanković promotes this stoplight as an eco solution in the following ways: If you’ve got the amount of time you’ve got to stop in front of you, you can shut your engine off, wait, be calm, and turn it back on again when the time is almost up. This not only lessens the amount of gas you use sitting still, but it lessens the amount of crazy madness you have wondering if the stoplight is stuck, or just really, really long.

Designer: Damjan Stanković

Eko stoplight by Damjan Stanković