Lincoln Model L100 is an opulent EV with huge suicide doors and chess piece control input

A stunning flight of fancy and a peek into Lincoln’s budding future, the Model L100 Concept car is unlike anything I’ve seen this year. A wildly crafty electric concept car inspired by the brand’s very first luxury sedan, the 1922 Model L, it is fit for a sci-fi movie debut to be precise. The “100” in the namesake marks the 100th anniversary of the brand, and what a time to debut such an eye-popping creation.

According to Joy Falotico, president, Lincoln; “With the Model L100 Concept, we reimagine what the Lincoln sanctuary can look like for our clients of tomorrow and take a big step toward our next chapter.” And I totally agree, as it’s been deemed a featured marque of the ongoing Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in Monterey.

Designer: Lincoln

The door on the autonomous damsel spread like a ladybug’s wings, and describing it already traverses me to a wonderland. Highly tailored for aerodynamic efficiency, this Lincoln concept is made to be larger than life, literally. The integrated headlamps take a U-shape following the circumference of the glass hood and the elongated roofline fuses into the rear. The upper backend of the car lifts entirely along with the doors which creates a never-before-seen luxury space on a concept. And yes, how could I forget to mention the jewel-inspired chess piece controller (for a steering wheel) that according to Lincoln “captures light and depth by redefining the vehicle controls inside the cabin.” Since the four-wheeler will be mostly autonomous, the owner won’t need much of the fancy yoke.

The interiors are as luxurious and future-forward as they could get. There are vegan-free inserts, soft white seats complemented by recycled suede, a digital floor and a canopy projecting animated scenes on the floor and ceiling.  The front row seats flip over to face the rear passengers for a social-centric lounging experience. The maker likes to refer to this one as an opulent “personal sanctuary” cabin.

Model L100 is not just about hypnotic looks on the outside as well as inside, as it comes with a next-generation battery cell and packs technology for advanced electric performance. Although Lincoln doesn’t detail the exact specifications of the electric drivetrain, I assume it’s going to be powerful and energy efficient.