Balls of Farming Fury

Designer Prithu Paul has quite a treat in store for you here. It’s a tractor of the imagination, one like you’ve never seen before, one made to work on the farm in ways we can’t fully imagine – because this is a tractor for the future farmer. Designed to work in the year 2020 AD, this tractor will work on an Earth in turmoil, one with “searing daytime temperatures” and harsh climate conditions for all. Hydrogen fuel based engines and embedded Nano systems rule the day, and a need arises for the common farmer to reprise his and her role.

This tractor works in a world that needs large scale seeding to be done in an extreme weather environment. SMART farming is no longer just a pleasant concept, it’s an absolute REQUIREMENT as the entire human race depends on it. This tractor goes by the name Deuterium, its name coming from the metaphor “heavy water” or D2O. This auto must be both powerful and stable and able to function to the utmost. Behold a list of specifics is here provided by the designer:

1. Multiple degrees of freedom in motion and body positioning
2. Onboard CPU, GPRS and sensor controlled motion path allocation for autonomous farming
3. Embedded NANO Solar Cells on the FRP body surface panels for harnessing solar energy
4. Strategic 360 degree light and Night Vision camera feed for 24 hour usability
5. Detach and deploy Roller Bots for topographic assessment, navigation and data collection
6. Vacuum Power Suction at the rear for pulling heavy farm equipment and ploughing tools
7. Retractable and expandable axial shift mechanism for adjusting ground clearance and length
8. Heavy traction tires in the front rather than back with a singular rear axis 
9. Ergonomic interiors, central ingress and egress for manual operations
10. Increased degree of freedom along a path due to front wheel shift feature
11. Hydrogen fuel cells for almost no problem of heavy and cumbersome diesel engines
12. A multi dimensional tractor for the future farmer

Designer: Prithu Paul