This advanced neckband helps cool your body to maintain peak performance

Nothing can be more distressing and demotivating than having to do physical or mental work on a hot day. Our bodies become lethargic, and our minds try to daydream of better days. Sometimes, that condition can even be dangerous, such as when you start to feel drowsy while driving. There is a variety of cooling solutions available these days, ranging from electric fans to air conditioners, but few of them can claim to lower your body temperature in a quick yet comfortable manner. They might even cause other issues, such as allergies or colds. That kind of discomfort, however, might now be a thing of the past, thanks to this innovation that cools your body in a novel way, bringing the world’s first-ever technology to focus on cooling one of the most heat-sensitive body part: your neck.

Designer: Degreve Design

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Our necks are one of the weakest parts of our body when it comes to heat intolerance. That’s why in many cases, people place a cold towel on the back of the neck to help relieve that uncomfortable feeling, especially after a strenuous workout. That need to be cool, literally, applies to other parts of our lives as well. When our body feels like it’s overheating, not only do we feel sluggish, we also tend to be unable to use our mental faculties properly, which adversely affects our productivity.

Thermonecks offers quick relief to this problem by cooling off that sensitive part of our body. With a fashionable design that you won’t be ashamed to wear, the neckband brings the body back to its thermal sweet spot by basically applying an innovative cold material on certain areas of the neck. This isn’t the same as simply putting ice or ice-cold towels on your neck, which can lead to ice burns and skin damage.

Instead, the neckband uses Dual Temperature technology that keeps the temperature at 57°F (14°C) and 68°F (20°C), known to be the ideal low temperatures to effectively cool down the body without damaging the skin.

The secret to this almost magical feat is the advanced Thermo Pads that can freeze in just 10 seconds when submerged in ice water. In a regular cold environment, the packs can freeze in just about 10 minutes. And when the pads are applied to the neck, it only takes 15 minutes to cool down the body by as much as 7 degrees, allowing you to become comfortable enough to get back to work or drive around with a clearer head. And rather than applying a uniform low temperature across the neck, Thermonecks’ Dual Temperature system applies different temperatures where appropriate. The lower 14°C temperature is applied to the central cervical spine, while the 20°C level is better for cooling the carotid arteries on the sides of the neck.

Despite the advanced science behind it, using the Thermonecks is as easy as pie. Simply freeze the Thermo Pads, insert them into the stylish neck support, and then wear the neckband comfortably around your neck. You can even freeze the Thermo Pads on the go with the included “Supercharger” and carrying case. In just 60 minutes, you’ll be ready to slip those frozen pads back into the neckband to let you enjoy its body cooling powers again. Even better, you will have two Thermo Pads right out of the box, allowing you use one while the other is in the Supercharger, and then keep on swapping between them on the go as needed.

We often have to wait for the right place, time, or equipment to beat the heat, sometimes when it’s too late to do any good. Keeping cool when you need it and when you want it is essential to living a healthy life, whether you’re in the house or in your car. Whether you’re trying to cool off after a workout, trying to focus on your homework during a summer afternoon, trying to keep your body cool for good night’s sleep, or simply trying to relax and chill, the Thermonecks brings your body back to its ideal temperature to let you move and live in comfort. For only $109, a special discount for Yanko Design readers, you will get everything you need to keep your body refreshed and your mind focused in no time flat.

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