The New Clarity

The Mac. He is back. He’s clear again. He is so clear this time, you’ll just want to get out the windex just to see if the glass is actually there. Two concepts. One is a phone, the other is a desktop computer. Made with the real intention of creating something straight out of a sci fi for the greater good of your eyeballs and future humanity.

Mac is one of those fellows who, for two main reasons (amongst quite a few others,) continues to hit hard on the online publishing circuit with his amazing designs. ONE: because his designs are so innovative, they’re on the verge of “you are a crazy person.” TWO: because not only does Mac do nice design, he does a LOT of it. This guy is a workaholic.

What have we got from Mac today? A phone and a desktop computer.

First, the computer. You’ll notice the clarity instantly, I’m sure. This computer is called “Zafiro” – it’s made of glass and has a round rim. It’s made to work as a home version of the giant Precrime computer seen in the film “Minority Report.” You’ll remember the glass I.D. cards slipped in the side of the monitor. In addition, the keys on the keyboard are made of “deformable metal” which flattens out when not in use.

And the phone. Look at that thing! It’s called the “Cobalto” and it’s also made with deformable metal. It has the option of forming keys or working flat like modern “smartphone” screens already do. This phone has the same ability to project 3D holograms from a 2D surface that at least one Mac design has had in the past.

NOTE: Cool beans! The phone, Mac informs us, is going to be on a Russian TV show that happened upon his designs through his website. I hope we can feature that feature right freaking here soon!

Designer: Mac Funamizu

Future Mobile Phone Concept from mac_fun on Vimeo.




Zafiro computer and Cobalto cellphone future products by Mac Funamizu 01



Zafiro computer and Cobalto cellphone future products by Mac Funamizu 02



  • Lamah says:


  • SkyWay says:

    I do think you’re doing this on purpose Chris :d

    Now all he needs is Tom Cruise looking moody yet sexy yet tough at the same time and he has copied everything there is to copy from that movie 😛

  • Chris Burns says:

    I wish this music was playing during the 3d video

  • SuiDepPhaStu says:

    Oh look, there goes Funamizu pooping out worthless BS with absolutely no regard for, y’know, reality, or even what UIs might look like by the time the technology he fantasizes about gets developed.

    How on earth does such an amateur wannabe get featured so much on a design site? Are you personal friends with him or something? I doubt he even has one real product in his entire half-assed portfolio.

    • Chris Burns says:

      Are you saying you’d like something featured on Yanko Design?

      • SkyWay says:

        you know, there’s a challenge right there :d

      • SuiDepPhaStu says:

        I’m just wondering why Funamizu gets featured here so much. He’s not famous, he barely has a name for himself (unlike, say, zippyflounder), and if I do recall, posts about his work attracted quite a lot of disdain.

        So, what gives? A simple, straight answer is all I’m interested in hearing.

        • Klappstuhl says:

          Even though I know of a way about how this would be possible, it still seems far fetched.

          Besides, a Mac? Nope, not in my house you don’t. If you’d just classified is as “a Computer” without mentioning an OS, then yes please.

          • SuiDepPhaStu says:

            Mac Funamizu is his name, if I’m not mistaken. Has nothing to do with Apple’s computer brand.

      • SuiDepPhaStu says:

        You know, I *am* still waiting for your answer as to why a no-name like Funamizu gets his work listed so often here.

  • francis says:

    Why are all of the comments on this site so immature and unprofessional?

  • Andreas says:

    Actually – that looks a lot more like Tokyo Tower.

  • quantum says:

    How does it project the 3D images, what tecnology is behind it?

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