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Paper Cut

Möwe – Dream Paper Concept looks at the possibility of having intelligent paper that prints, auto cuts and folds 3-D paper projects. A lot of…

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Peeling Interaction

Peel – Moving Notifier Concept is a clock with screens on 4 sides. Each of the screens can display text and imagary on both sides…

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Music In My Head

Here’s a wild idea that takes creating music to another level! Imagine having a DAP that instinctively registers the beats of your finger-drumming, or translates…

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Ocean Face And Endless

There are two key elements to the Nagisa Phone designed by Mac Funamizu, first is the “dented” keypad, akin to a wavy seabed and the…

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Thin When Empty

It’s just an idea that can get better if refined; I’m talking about the Hungry Batteries. They’re not any power-chomping monsters, but rechargeable batteries that…

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Disco Lights For USB

Getting back to his roots, Designer Mac Funamizu takes inspiration from the Japanese Soma-Toh or a revolving lantern for this gimmicky Funny USB Memory Stick!…

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