Hang On The Rim

All it takes is a hook-shaped carving in a paint brush to quantify it as an ingenious idea. Something that I’m willing to endorse! I may not be a house-painter but I can foresee the situation of someone getting this itch to scratch his nose (or butt). If he were using the Hanging Brush, then naturally he would just hang it by the rim of the paint can and scratch ….

Designers: Bang Jun Mo & You In Sik

Hanging Brush by Bang Jun Mo & You In Sik




  • roymar says:

    The idea is attractive, but anyone who has ever bought a can of paint know that the painting go to the edges. So would you spend at least a quarter of the can to leave the brush on the edge. You have to refine that prototype

    • b0g3l says:

      hmm you’ve got a point there. but do you think it matters even if its still full? the brush is going to be “wet” anyway. just dip it straight in ^^

  • hanyoung kim says:

    wow! that idea since 2007. at ED?

  • fecsx says:

    funfun.. i think the biggest problem is not this one.. but the washing process after painting..
    anyhoo i like the waves in the blue can.. if i were smaller i’d just jump in it :F

  • b0g3l says:

    how will the washing be any different than normal brush?

  • Very nice 🙂 At my home I have a tea spoon which hangs on the cup by using the same principle of balance.

  • Free says:

    interesting idea, but as a painter, i know that to paint properly with great control, you actually hold the wood part right where the “new” slot is now, its okay if you just used it once in a while, and hold it by the handle, but to paint long term, the idea needs to be altered

  • HS. says:


  • JLD says:

    I painted houses for 5 years…. While it is ingenuitive, you would be surprise how much you use the large part of the handle to hold on to (kinda like a wide pencil) while painting details, like trim etc… May be marketable to the consumer crowd, but not to pros imho.

    • Confucius says:

      I don’t think having a slot there will affect this technique. Just use the other side? Or you could use it to your advantage by slotting your middle and ring fingers into the slot.

      • JLD says:

        You could be right…. Really no way to know without some “hand on” use…

      • JLD says:

        You could be right… No way to know really without a “hand on” trial, kind of a thing.

  • b0g3l says:

    lol, what sort of painting do you have in mind? The one I thought of is something like wall paintings, amateurish job made fun really hehe

    • JLD says:

      I was talking about painting homes with brushes and rollers, not art-work…

  • b0g3l says:

    sorry, i mean painting walls not wall paintings (what was i talking about…)

  • antonieta tognato says:

    that’s THE brush…i love it

  • yeo woolz says:

    yoo in si\\sik ?zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • murat says:

    is this protected by any patent right in any country???

  • murat says:

    is this protected by any patent right in any country???

  • dohyung says:

    it sounds great!
    we are paint company in korea and interested in this design to be a real product.

  • Naomi says:

    People that want to do a clean job of it – anyone not a kid helping their parents for a second or a college student – don’t like to go the “wet” route with dipping the paintbrush in past the ends.

  • Andy says:

    I’ve been doing this for years, learned it from my grandad

  • maksimmka says:

    Круто!!! Мне как строительному мастеру очень понравилось это!

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