A Prettier Projector, Period


Before I decided to ditch having a TV altogether, I started exploring projector options thinking I could at least avoid having a giant screen in my living room. On my search, I inquired as to why each unit was surprisingly bulky and the salesman explained that the inner workings and largely unchanged projection tech simply didn’t allow for a slim, unobtrusive form. I sighed and left empty handed. If I had seen the Rollin projector, however, I might be telling a different story.

It’s thoughtfully designed around the existing tech and doesn’t try to unrealistically squeeze all the necessary components into a slimmer body. Instead, it takes on a modern, almost robotic appearance that looks more sculptural than electronic. Even though it’s not any smaller than a standard projector (in fact, it’s probably larger), it’s certainly more welcome in my home than many of the current clunky designs!

Designer: Angie Kim